Why not all grass
is the same.

The Challenge

Having a clear positioning is important for any business, even if you’re an iconic family-run turf farm. We were approached by Turfco to provide support across all of their marketing communications, from the top down. As a locally-owned Shoalhaven business for more than 30 years, Turfco wanted to re-establish a credible and unique positioning that clearly defined what they do for a new generation of customers – and also communicate this to their whole team.

Getting this right was especially important for Turfco to remain No. 1 on their ‘turf’ – our beautiful South Coast. It was essential to build awareness of their brand, expertise and qualifications to ensure they remained the first choice for turf for homeowners and commercial customers in the Shoalhaven, Illawarra and Southern Highlands market.

As an added challenge, we also needed to find a way to also explain the benefits of Turfco’s membership of ‘Lawn Solutions Australia’; a long-standing industry partnership that enables them to grow high-quality varieties of turf including Sir Grange, Sir Walter DNA Certified and Tif Tuf Bermuda.

We built the strategy around quality of product
with the care, passion and pride of a local family business.

The Strategy

Not all turf is the same. So, before we developed the brand strategy, we needed to harvest as many insights as possible. To do this, we spent time on the farm with the team to really understand what goes into growing Turfco turf and get to know the personalities behind the business. We also conducted research with key customers to explore what it was that mattered to them most and why they chose Turfco. This research provided us with a rich strategic territory that helped us focus not only on the quality, certified end product, but also the care, pride, local expertise and passion that goes into growing every roll of Turfco turf, year after year.

These insights directly helped us shape an overarching positioning and tone of voice that became the platform for all brand communications:

‘Beauty in every blade.’

The Creative

Once the over-arching platform was established, we developed a detailed brand strategy for Turfco. This quickly became the blueprint for the Turfco story and how they present themselves to the market. From here, we able to develop a full suite of creative assets for use across all the Turfco communication channels, from their digital and social media presence through to print advertising.

As one of their most important customer touch-points, a key part of the project was to enhance the Turfco brand experience through a new eCommerce website. Featuring innovative UX design, the objective was to reflect the friendly and down-to-earth nature of the Turfco brand, while ensuring online enquiries and purchases were as effortless as possible.

In addition to creating a new brand identity and website, Turfco’s sales drive into the all-important 2020 Spring season was further supported by:

  • Social media strategy, content creation and management
  • PPC search campaign strategy and implementation
  • Print advertising design.



Since launch, our marketing has contributed to
a 25% increase in sales
compared to the same time last year.

The Results

Whilst still in Spring, and with the new website only being live for two months, Turfco has already seen a successful increase in web traffic and a more efficient CPC compared to the previous year. Looking ahead, the Turfco brand is ideally placed for future growth – with a clearly defined positioning and a unique tone of voice that truly reflects their much-loved business personality and way of doing things.

The highly collaborative approach between Turfco and TMC has demonstrated how every business – regardless of size, location or industry – can benefit from professional marketing support to provide clear strategic focus and ensure a consistent, high-quality customer experience across multiple channels whilst having a lot fun at the same time!

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