Bringing a warranty
program to life.

The Challenge

A leading name in SCUBA diving, AUP was faced with competitors selling cheaper, comparable products direct to consumers. This created a major threat to their market share, as well as the brand value for AUP retailers across Australia. In addition to their expertise and a passion for getting people diving, the one thing AUP could provide that no-one else could was a lifetime warranty program – something extremely valuable, unique and ownable. The Marketing Clan was asked to develop and launch a major campaign to support this warranty proposition for the globally-recognised Oceanic and Hollis SCUBA diving brands.

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A strategy that personified
the tangible benefits
of AUP's warranty program.

The Strategy

On top of its extended warranty, AUP also had a very compelling, free-parts-for-life program to further the value proposition. On paper it was a great differentiator. However, we knew the program needed to be marketed in a unique and memorable way to cut through competitor clutter in a market where prices were constantly being dragged down. We developed a strategy that personified the tangible benefits of AUP’s warranty program and customer service proposition, but in a fun way. We introduced a human character who represented the values and personality of the warranty as well as AUP’s passion for customer service. His name was… #WarranT.

The Creative

Quirky, visually distinctive, helpful, yet unassuming. #WarranT is the kind of guy every diver wants looking out for them – ready to provide support when they need it and to replace things if something ever goes wrong. He’s the guy in the funny tuxedo wetsuit who’s not only smart and funny, but he’s always somehow just that one step ahead taking care of you.

For a purchaser, the #WarranT proposition directly reinforces their product’s warranty in a memorable and unexpected way as well as being a unique point of difference for the retailers. He provides an engaging and entertaining creative platform to tell what would otherwise be a dry and functional warranty story. He also provides enormous creative scope for use in communications everywhere from the point of purchase and trade launches to social media and consumer events. #WarranT also became a talking-point and a sales tool in the retail environment in a way that retailers could really get behind the idea. We produced a series of short films with Wayward starring #WarranT to further bring to life some of the scenarios where the lifetime warranty might come in handy.

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