by nature

The Challenge

We were approached to develop the marketing story, branding and packaging design for a new natural sweetener. Derived entirely from the somewhat mysterious ‘monk fruit’ which is native only to small regions of China, it was created by a Singapore-based company that saw an opportunity to provide a better balance of nutrition into people’s diets by ditching sugar. The product was to be aimed at people looking to improve the general quality of their diet and lifestyle, as well those with more serious medically-driven needs such as Diabetes.

the message

The Strategy

Artificial sweeteners contain chemicals such as sucralose and aspartame which have frequently been found to have adverse effects on gut health and microbiomes. By comparison, our product – BLYSS Monk Fruit sweetener – is all-natural and very safe to consume. This provided a compelling platform for the overall brand strategy.

Communicating with authenticity and a genuine personality was essential for the BLYSS founders. We needed to be very honest and transparent about how the brand story was told, as well as how it was visually presented. After all, the monk fruit is as simple and humble as it comes, but not many people know about it.

We worked through the possible brand positioning territories and landed on a strategy that provided a simple communication for the product that was not only authentic, but also leveraged its natural credentials and the end consumer benefits. The strategy we landed on? BLYSS. Sweet by Nature.

The Creative

With an all-natural positioning backed by an authentic provenance story, we had to ensure the name, packaging format and visual identity could resonate across different markets and really stand out from the rest of the category. We also had to ensure the benefits of BLYSS were clearly stated across our various communication channels, from packaging and advertising to digital and social media.

To do it, we developed a clean and elegant design language that was easily adaptable on packaging, not only for a commercial application but also for retail, in a truly consistent way. The approach was to design and specify a clearly identifiable pack that was simple, modern and friendly whilst being able to work across multiple packaging formats.

We also built an eCommerce website from which BLYSS is sold direct to consumer, as well as a platform for creating inspirational content where chefs, home bakers, lifestyle personalities and ambassadors are able to share their BLYSS recipes and health tips.


The Results

BLYSS has only just been launched, but the work has been very well received so far. For more information, visit blyssfoods.com

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