Communicating confidence
to first time home buyers

The Challenge

As a well-established mortgage broker, FeelGood Financial Services was looking to grow. They approached TMC to help develop a marketing strategy for the new financial year targeting their key audience – first time home buyers. The core challenges were finding ways to effectively communicate the benefits of using a broker, whilst also creating a more distinctive brand in a competitive and often confusing market.




The Strategy

Moving at a pace the FeelGood team was comfortable with, we worked closely to develop a strategic marketing plan they could, ultimately, implement themselves. The process began by conducting market research to uncover strong differentiators for their brand. These insights then shaped the development of a new positioning that tapped directly into the positive customer experience FeelGood is renowned for, whilst also leveraging their brand name itself. That positioning? Feel the difference.


The Creative

FeelGood Financial Services logoGuided by the new positioning, we took the opportunity to review how this translated across all customer touchpoints and ensure the underlying positivity and confidence came through strongly. Rather than a complete brand overhaul, we enhanced the existing visual identity to reflect the new positioning and provided creative direction for FeelGood to execute themselves across their agreed communication channels.


The Results

The new positioning and enhanced brand identity was successfully integrated by FeelGood across all their communication channels, including their website, content, advertising and social media. Providing a cohesive and strategic platform, this has now set FeelGood up to present a genuine and authentic brand in a competitive market for years to come.


“I have had the pleasure of working with TMC to refresh my branding and create a marketing strategy that is unique to my business and my personal goals. I now have a solid understanding of my brand voice, and a clear picture of my future steps. TMC deliver years of experience and knowledge in a neat package that makes it easy to implement in the real world.”

Ellen Thornthwaite, FeelGood Financial Services.

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