How marketing has helped transform
Shoalhaven OT.

The Challenge

In 2022, Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy was a relatively new business looking to plan for sustainable growth. They engaged TMC to assist with their marketing strategy. Given they were the Shoalhaven’s only OT provider offering services for all ages, awareness was a particular challenge. There was a strong need to be more single-minded and effective in communicating what an Occupational Therapist actually does, together with their business value proposition, both to their clients and new employees.




Taking the time
Making a difference

The Strategy

Step one was qualitative research. We needed to gain a deeper understanding of the value Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy provided to its clients, employees and the wider the community. In developing the marketing plan, it was also important to establish a clear brand positioning which spoke directly to these insights. This would be then used to shape future client and stakeholder communications, as well as be shared with new employees as the business grew. The positioning we landed on perfectly encapsulated what Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy is all about: Taking the time. Making a difference.


The Creative

Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy already had a visual identity. Rather than start from scratch, we helped to refine these existing assets to create simple consistency through all of their communication touchpoints. We considered how the new positioning could be incorporated into their brand identity across their digital presence, promotional material, and their physical presence at the clinic itself. We also created new materials to help clearly pitch their services and capabilities to prospects, industry partners and associations.

The experience was transformative
They delivered beyond expectations

The Results

Since commencing working with Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy in 2022, we have seen a transformation in the business. Their team has grown in size, but also in confidence and direction. They have taken their new marketing strategy and ‘run with it’, with real value now placed on the role consistent and single-minded marketing can have in their wider and continued success.


“We engaged The Marketing Clan help to us refine our brand and develop a marketing strategy, the experience was transformative. Their strategic approach, creative expertise, and attention to detail breathed new life into our brand. From logo design to marketing strategies, they delivered beyond expectations, ensuring a fresh and impactful identity.”

Nathan Carson, Director.

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