What is
the right response
in a crisis?

The Challenge

Resilience Logistic Solutions (RLS) is an Australian-owned company based in South Nowra, in the Shoalhaven. It was established in 2020 to provide smart and safe field infrastructure solutions to commercial and industrial operators, emergency responders and Government agencies.

In direct response to the increasing frequency of natural disasters and threats to Australian and New Zealand civilian communities – whether from bushfires, hazmat, acts of terror or pandemics – it became evident there was a need for a more bespoke approach to delivering logistics solutions that provided better preparation for such events.

The Marketing Clan was invited to work with RLS from day one, helping to shape their brand and marketing communications in what is a highly specialised category. Our brief was to articulate the RLS positioning and brand communication strategy, as well as help present the unique RLS service and product offering in a simple and compelling way across different media.

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The Strategy

Our strategic journey began by conducting comprehensive market research. Particular attention was paid to understanding how RLS could provide a relevant and unique proposition to the various target audiences such as Rural Fire Service, SES, Ambulance and other medical services.  This process revealed several key insights and opportunities. We subsequently used these to develop relevant and targeted communications for the different RLS offerings. The primary insight was that whilst emergency response teams may not be able to prevent the life-threatening events and catastrophes that impact communities, they can be more effective by being better prepared. The solution is having the right support and re-deployable infrastructure to do their jobs to their best abilities – and ultimately keep more people safe, including themselves.

To deliver against this significant community need, it was essential for RLS to identify and express their point of difference. Our strategic journey revealed that, while the RLS business itself is new, the team itself has decades of civilian, emergency service and military experience from around the world. They bring first-hand knowledge of what works in the field and how to consult with people on the front line. The strategic positioning we arrived at not only spoke to the vast expertise of the RLS team, but to the world-class design and production of their re-deployable infrastructure.

The positioning:

‘The Right Response’

The Creative

With the key insights identified and the positioning agreed, we took the creative lead to write, design, produce and deliver all of the communication materials for the launch of the RLS brand.

Specific creative elements included:

  • Brand design
  • Art direction
  • Photography 
  • Presentation and sales materials
  • Brand Film – including full scripting, creative development, filming and post production
  • New website

'They have paved the way for us
to launch confidently and successfully into
our chosen markets.'

The Results

Recently completed, this work helped to provide a highly professional and creative presentation for RLS with very specific audiences in mind. It also demonstrates the importance of having an external agency team involved to help develop the tools to tell the brand story and articulate the value to their customers.

“Working alongside Jamie McAinsh, Managing Director from the Marketing Clan, to shape and influence the RLS brand and marketing communications strategy has been great. Jamie, along with the support of his team, have paved the way for RLS to launch confidently and successfully into our chosen markets.”


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