Marketing strategy
for a financial advisory brand.

The Challenge

Three independent financial advisors with similar values wanted to shake up the market. With a shared vision and years of experience working for large national businesses, they were looking for a marketing strategy for a new financial advisory brand to serve Sydney, Penrith, Sutherland, Wollongong and the South Coast of NSW. They came to us to help make it happen.

Changing the way
people think about

The Strategy

A legacy of poor financial advice and ‘commission chasing’ has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many Australians, resulting in an often-sceptical view of the financial advisory industry. In recent years, stringent compliance and regulation reforms have made space for trusted and transparent advisors who genuinely want to help their clients. To successfully enter this space, our first task was to speak with a range of existing clients to better understand the value their advisors provided. Following rigorous qualitative research and detailed a strategy process we established a new brand name – FuturePoint Wealth – and a positioning to support it, ‘Shape Tomorrow’.

The Creative

Guided by a comprehensive brand communication strategy and an in-depth review of existing players within the category, we created a new visual brand identity. We then implemented it across the business including the FuturePoint Wealth website, sales collateral, advertising and social media channels. Simple, clear and consistent, the visual identity was also developed to remain fresh for years to come. Everything was crafted to demonstrate the honesty, reassurance and expertise clients would rightly expect from a trusted financial advisory brand.

A significant contribution
to achieving new business objectives
and lead generation for 2023.

The Results

The Marketing Clan has continued to work with FuturePoint Wealth since the brand launch 18 months ago. Acting as an outsourced marketing department, we have helped their business hit the ground running, establishing a progressive and independent brand that resonates with their key client sectors and creates a strong presence within the wider industry. Driven by a clearly defined marketing strategy, FuturePoint Wealth has consistently grown its client base through their web and social media presence, as well as their referral network. Following the new brand launch and development of the marketing strategy, FuturePoint Wealth Sutherland saw a significant contribution to achieving their overall new business objectives and lead generation for 2023.

“We can honestly say that The Marketing Clan has been like having our own marketing team on hand.”

Ciaran Davis
Future Point Wealth.




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