A companion driving service that reconnects people
in the community.

The Challenge

We often take transport for granted, but in regional areas it can often be difficult for more senior members of the community to get out and about. Greater distances between services, lack of regular, reliable transport options for people who can’t drive, can all prevent independent living and sometimes worry for family members.

Having a friendly, caring and reliable person to drive people to and from medical appointments, go shopping, seeing friends or simply enjoying a drive in the country, can make the world of difference in regional communities like the south coast of NSW. We were asked to provide our marketing expertise to help some local entrepreneurs to solve this problem. Our role was to help create a companion driver brand for the Milton Ulladulla area.

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Customer care
is always at the
heart of Tracy Drives

The Strategy

We looked at how transport services were positioning themselves in this category, what people needed and how we could create something unique, ownable and personal for these south coast entrepreneurs.  In order to create an authentic brand with a face (and real memorable name) to the business, we arrived on the name ‘Tracy Drives’. With it, we developed a single-minded thought that would help us position Tracy Drives in its own space and one which speaks to the vision. By articulating the experience every client receives when using the service, we were able to promote peace of mind, comfort and reassurance. The positioning we landed on for Tracy Drives was: ‘Getting you there with Care’.



The Creative

To ensure the brand came across as personal, attractive and genuine, our strategic approach was to have a striking visual identity, with a relaxed yet professional tone to it. The creative was carried through all touch-points from the website, vehicle branding, socials, collateral, advertising and the essence of Tracy Drives was captured in film to help tell the story to Tracy’s customers.




This positive encounter will
set you in the right direction.

The Results

A very recent launch has shown a positive uptake of the service particularly for people needing to go to medical appointments and has already shown a wider application for audiences who are unable to drive temporarily or still under the legal driving age. Tracy shared her experience with The Marketing Clan:  “Change isn’t supposed to be comfortable. But that’s no reason to shy away from it. Jamie from The Marketing Clan will contemplate the situation from all angles, then articulate the details fluently and coherently. This positive encounter will set you in the right direction.” Tracy Drives.

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