Australia’s greenest
biotech start-up.
Venus Shell Systems, an innovative biotech start-up that holds the key to endless health benefits through seaweed.

During the past 12 months The Marketing Clan has been working closely with Venus Shell Systems. On the cusp of exciting expansion, we helped this innovative biotech company develop its brand strategy and identity in preparation for the launch of their proprietary seaweed-products under the PhycoFood Co.™ and PhycoPro™ brands.

The business story

Venus Shell Systems is a new Australian company based in the Shoalhaven, 200km south of Sydney. They sit at the global forefront of producing unique, traceable, premium quality marine biomass from seaweed that is indigenous to the Tasman Sea.

A unique value proposition

By pioneering a controlled cultivation and sustainable production process, Venus Shell Systems creates consistently high quality and reliable seaweed biomass extract in a unique, traceable and sustainable manner. Their proprietary approach makes this biomass ideal for use in biomaterials, cosmetics, dermatological care, food, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

The brief

The Marketing Clan was first engaged to help develop the overarching brand strategy for the Venus Shell Systems business. We then helped to produce a range of marketing communications materials in preparation for the launch of its brands into the global market at the BioMarine 2015 International Congress held in Wilmington North Carolina, in the US.

The strategy

As a new and dynamic bio-tech start-up, Venus Shell Systems needed to position their products and seaweed extracts under one corporate brand. However with very different uses – ranging from nutritional food ingredients to digestive health products, pharmaceuticals to skincare treatments – each of products needed to be clearly differentiated, making it relevant to different industry categories and target audiences.

Phycology is the study of seaweed, so Phyco was chosen to become the prefix to shape the naming convention and brand hierarchy – both for current products as well as future ones. For a company as unique as the species of seaweed it cultivates, we were able to establish a brand story that was shaped by the category Venus Shell Systems created, and the unique provenance story of its beginnings in the Shoalhaven region.

Creative execution

Positioning Venus Shell Systems to global audiences, the marketing material needed to demonstrate innovation, scale, versatility, sustainability and of course include persuasive communication for each of their newly-launched brands – PhycoGreen™, PhycoDigest™ and PhycoDerm™. To achieve this, The Marketing Clan designed and produced a fresh new brand identity and ensured a consistent design language and messaging that was consistent through all communication channels and media


Armed with visual and content rich collateral, Venus Shell Systems attracted international customer and collaborator interest on a fast paced global platform. The material delivered a focused product description for customers with a narrow band of interest, as well as a broad baseline of information for service providers who can assist in product development and regulatory compliance needs.

Venus Shell Systems now has collaborators in Europe ready to assist with bringing skin care products to the European Markets under European regulatory compliance, and North American connections interested in including digestive health products to the growing US markets. The marketing collateral we developed was essential in fast tracking defined and focused outcomes that have taken Venus Shell Systems to the next stage of company growth with a global market focus.

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