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the words Clan Do, a green pencil and a series of scribbles which turn into concentric lines.

Two small words that make a big difference.

There are many things that set TMC apart from marketing and advertising agencies. But if we had to succinctly articulate what makes us different, it all comes down to a client-first mindset that can be expressed in two simple words: Clan Do.

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How to effectively communicate your business capabilities

Think of your capability communications like a prospectus – a marketing tool that showcases exactly who you are as a business, your expertise, core competencies and services. It gives your customers and prospects real confidence in your ability to deliver the products or services they need.

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Is it worth entering business awards?

If you’re a business owner, entering awards can also create a greater sense of unity and pride among teams whether it is preparing for the entries, help telling the brand story or simply the celebration of being there on the night.

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green peas in a pod

The Inside Job.

Great companies find creative ways to make their connection to mission clear to their team. They’re always looking for opportunities to show – and reinforce – how each person’s roles contribute to the wider mission and success of the business.

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Camera infront of Providorium Rocky Road on a monitor.

Image is everything.

Why great photography for your business is more important than ever before. A picture says a thousand words, so you want those visual ‘words’ to

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TMC Marketing Podcast Episode 7

Understanding your market position

Customer profiles, competitor research and determining your product benefits. We discuss some of the topics businesses should be considering when determining market positioning, customers needs,

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Research & insights

Intuition will always have its place. But whether you’re starting a business from scratch or you’ve been in business many years, market research should be

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Diving in with AUP.

“We have already seen the benefits of what a professional and forward thinking marketing agency such as The Marketing Clan can do for our business.”

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Marketing ROI

Macey not only retained all business client income in that period, but the marketing activity contributed to generating 20% growth in new leads of which 55% converted into new business.

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Sea change

From the desert to the Shoalhaven. Moving countries, starting up a business and living life on the NSW South Coast.

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