Hollis SCUBA Diving Equipment 

Graphic Design, Retail Marketing Communication and Retail Merchandising

Hollis is a premium scuba diving brand that consists of high-end life-support equipment for use in technical diving such as mixed gas, deep, expedition or cave diving.
As part of the work The Marketing Clan has been doing for Australian Underwater Products, we were asked to provide the marketing support to launch the new range of Hollis LX Regulators.
​We needed to launch the products to the retailers across Australia and was orchestrated at an annual Oceanic Scuba Centres Conference hosted by AUP in May 2016 to some 70 dive stores.
The merchandising and marketing communications support needed to reflect the premium nature of the brand as well as provide the right material for the retailers to present the Hollis point of difference in a highly competitive market. 
In addition to reflecting the position of the brand, we needed to ensure we communicated the high-performance and quality manufacturing attributes of the product.

​As the design, manufacturing and materials are key to the Hollis brand, we needed to ensure any design work we developed reflected this from concept through to execution.
Before we developed the material, it was important for us to understand the needs of the retailers so they were better equiped to demonstrate the product benefits as well as display the product in store. 
Versatility was a key requirement following some national retailer research we conducted in order to understand what they needed when it came to marketing and sales support. 
Since every retailer has a different store footprint, we needed to ensure that any permanent merchandising unit was versatile and space-saving, whilst being suitable for future Hollis product promotions.
Since the products to be displayed were varying sizes, weights and shapes, one of the most challenging parts in the development stage of the merchandising unit was to ensure that each product was displayed securely at the same time as being well presented.
Once we developed the key creative and concepts, The Marketing Clan and AUP worked collaboratively with Evolution Displays who brought our ideas to life through 3D design renders, prototype development and then to final production.

Concept and Manufacturing Stage

Completed Production Unit