Brand identity development for a craft brewery

Branding Jervis Bay’s first local brewery.

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It’s not every day an opportunity comes along to work with a start-up, not to mention a brewery start-up. Nine months ago we were very fortunate to meet four guys who were pursuing a life-long dream of owning a brewery on the South Coast of NSW… come on, it’s every bloke’s dream isn’t it?!

These four brave guys saw a gap in the market for a local brewery that could provide both visitors and locals with a beer that was from beautiful Jervis Bay. Unlike many before them, however, they followed through on the idea. We’re delighted to say Jervis Bay Brewing Co. recently launched its first beer and are now brewing a new range to accompany their first Vienna lager – The Beacon.
In recent years craft breweries have become more and more common across Australia. They each try to offer something unique, whether it is the ingredients, fermentation process or a range of unusual flavours. It’s something that enables them to be perceived to as genuinely different, by creating a unique story – be it a connection to a place, personality, the brewers themselves, historical event or something completely random.
Now as South Coast locals we’re all blessed to live and work in a part of the world that’s already pretty unique. People flock in their hundreds of thousands every year to visit our beautiful backyard – and that’s something well worth raising a glass to!
The JB Brewing Co. saw this as an opportunity, and set about creating a range of craft beers that were uniquely inspired by the Jervis Bay region, something for visitors to enjoy and equally something locals could enjoy when they’re admiring the place in which they live.
Of course, a unique brewery needs an equally-unique brand. That’s where The Marketing Clan came in. Working closely with the guys at The JB Brewing Co., we set about creating a brand identity that was truly special – inspired by Jervis Bay itself and the people who live there.

To take on the big beer brands, and stand out from the crowd, we wanted an identity that would be seen to be uniquely from JB, something people could easily recognise whether they saw the label on a bottle, a T-shirt, a growler* and of course on a tap head in a pub. 
We wanted a device that was unmistakably ‘JB’ so we used our Point Perpendicular lighthouse as a reference – a physical and metaphorical beacon that has illuminated the entrance and provided safe passage to the bay for over 100 years. With easy recognition, we wanted to ensure the design was true to the brewery’s personality and essence by being genuine and easy going – what you’d expect from Jervis Bay!
Whilst this is only the beginning for JB Brewing Co., we were very happy to be a part of their initial journey. You can follow their story on Instagram. If you want to talk about bringing your own business or brand to life through creative marketing and communication, drop us a line. Who knows? We may even shout you a Beacon. 

*Growler: not an angry dog, but a bottle for carrying 4 pints of beer.

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