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Why great photography for your business is more important than ever before.

A picture says a thousand words, so you want those visual ‘words’ to be good, right?

Whether it’s for your website, sales collateral, social media, new business presentations or advertising campaigns, well-planned and executed photography can really help your brand and sales campaigns sing. It sets the tone for your business. It exudes the right professional image. It can tell your story in a way that’s fresh and visually engaging. And it can create a real point of difference for your customers and employees.

On the flipside, if you tend to settle for using lesser quality photography, poor generic stock library photos, or even no photography at all, it can really undermine the image your business is trying to convey. Over time, this can seriously erode the confidence customers have in your business and what you do.

How much is good photography worth?

There’s often a misconception that great photos always come with a great big price-tag. The reality is you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on photoshoots. Yes, there are plenty of high-end commercial photographers who are very, very good. But they’re also very, very expensive. The good news is, the rapid advances in digital photography and post-production software in recent years has significantly levelled the playing field so it is more affordable for smaller budgets.

Today, good quality business photography is more accessible than ever before and there are some truly excellent photographers available at very reasonable rates. Just like many small businesses and sole traders, they run lean and flexible operations and the result is often big savings. You can still get excellent craft and super talented photographers, without having to spend your entire marketing budget.

Whether it’s a multi-day studio or location shoot, capturing an important business event, candid staff shots or even some spectacular drone photography, these photographers are out there. You just need to know where to find them and identify the right photographer for the type of shoot you’re after. We work with quite a few here at The Marketing Clan, most of whom we’ve known for many years. They’re great photographers, who do great work, and at an affordable price.

The importance of investing in good photography.

Now, pretty obviously, you will still be spending more money than if you were to try and take your own photos (Using your smartphone is not recommended for all types of photography!) But here’s the thing. Rather than think of it as a short-term hit to your bottom line, the money you spend on photography is actually a valuable long-term investment. Once the images are taken, they’re yours and you can use them widely, for many years to come (but check the contract carefully for usage rights first). Do it right and your customers, prospects and employees will really notice the difference – and, dare we say, so will you.

If you’d like to explore the impact high-quality photography could be having for your business, and discuss your options, please get in touch


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