Noah’s Shoalhaven  

Brand Strategy and Direct Marketing Campaign

The Marketing Clan has been working with Noah’s Shoalhaven over the past eighteen months which started with us helping them articulate their brand communications strategy and marketing communication planning. 

Like with many not-for-profit organisations, without continuous fundraising it is hard to keep providing the services required for their customers need and expect So, with a need to continue providing vital support and care programs for local children, Noah’s Shoalhaven needed to clearly articulate their positioning and their services to all stakeholders including parents, families, the community and to sponsors.

We started with some facilitated workshops to help provide the clarity needed for how the Noah’s brand communicates to its audiences, articulate its brand voice and values in order to create consistency across all communication channels. We also gave the visual brand identity a bit of a polish with a updated logo, font set and positioning line.

Once we had completed a series of workshops on the brand communication strategy, we were asked to help deliver a campaign to raise awareness and increase corporate sponsorship from local businesses across the NSW South Coast and the Illawarra.

​The campaign needed to have cut through in order to have a chance to be noticed among the hundreds of communications and marketing messages that business leaders are receiving each day. We chose printed direct mail.

By developing a mail pack that was not only personalised, unique and impactful, it allowed us to deliver a message in an engaging way to raise awareness and prompt action for support from local business leaders. 

Every child regardless of their ability should deserve every opportunity to develop, learn and grow in their environment, whether at home, at school or in an early childhood centre. We took the thought of growth and created an impact mailer that creatively delivered this message in a tactile way.

With a clear call to action for local businesses to talk to Noah’s about how they could help local children, this direct mail pack was the first of a series of communications to existing sponsors and prospects.

Our role was to develop the strategy, creative and manage the production of the direct mail campaign. In each pack, a personalised letter, a brochure and two Noah’s branded seed packets were included to help deliver the message of nurturing and helping our local children grow to their full potential. The campaign is currently ongoing.