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Mellori – A Little Raven (Corvus Mellori) from South East Australia

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It never ceases to amaze how many fascinating businesses operate out of the Shoalhaven and South Coast of NSW. Indeed, the more people we meet, the more interesting the businesses seem to become. 

One such business is Mellori. Now unless you’re in the defence industry, you’ve probably never heard of them. But, based right here in the Shoalhaven, they provide high-end technical and training services to the Australian Defence Force as well as civil and security organisations.

Our relationship with Mellori began around twelve months ago when, through our membership of the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association, we were introduced to their parent company, the Alkath Group. We’ve been working closely with their leadership team ever since, developing a range of brand and marketing initiatives.

Little bird. Big opportunity.

It’s fair to say Mellori isn’t your typical business. 

They operate in a highly specialised space and sit at the very top of their field, developing industry leading electro-magnetic spectrum training, and providing specialist talent for electronic warfare system testing.

This military background was actually the inspiration for their business name. You see, Mellori is the scientific term for the ‘little raven’, which is a native bird to south-eastern Australia. During WW2 a ‘raven’ (later changed to ‘crow’) was a code name used by Allied radar countermeasure operators for the receivers and transmitters they used to monitor and jam threat frequencies during the Battle of Britain and across Europe. 

Things have changed rather a lot since WW2, of course. But the use of electronic warfare continues to evolve and become even more complex in the electronic age – as do the skills required to monitor threats in peacetime as well as during conflict.

Today, Mellori provides modern-day support for civilian and defence industry electronic warfare operations, delivering the skills and expertise to ensure these vital systems are working to their full capability to monitor any threats to security, at home or overseas. 

At a time of increasing globalisation, one of the biggest advantages Mellori has to offer is its position as a proud home-grown Australian company. Based right here on the NSW South Coast, they’re able to offer their services from a truly sovereign point of view – which isn’t always the case with other providers.

A mission to become clear & consistent

When we were first approached by Mellori, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them. It quickly became clear that, having been providing the ADF with vital services for 19 years, they had a compelling story to tell the market. But what we also came to realise was they weren’t always consistent in the way they told it. 

To address this, we worked closely with Mellori to develop a clear brand communication strategy – providing a strong platform to help them share their story with potential customers both in civil and defence industry groups.  

So far our work has included developing a new positioning and brand story for the entire Mellori business, as well as creating a suite of tactical sales tools so they could consistently communicate their skills and expertise leading up to and during the Avalon Air Show in 2019.

It’s been a fascinating mission so far, and one we very much look forward to continuing. 

When you next see a little raven, perhaps you’ll think of Mellori too.

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