Brand Strategy, Marketing Collateral, Packaging and TV Production

We had the opportunity to work with Nowchem over eighteen months to help shape their brand strategy and create a new brand identity with them.

As a family owned and run chemical manufacturing business of forty years, Nowchem had been using the same logo for that time so we were briefed to update the brand identity to coincide with their strategic vision.
Our strategic and creative process ensured every aspect of the brand communication was reviewed and considered, whether it be internal marketing to staff, or to customers and consumers.
During this process, we ensured consistency so the brand was maintained equally across a range of material and formats, from packaging labels to vehicle livery.
Ultimately, the brand had to represent the positive future direction for the business and the team that would take it there. The whole team at Nowchem embraced the change and their new brand identity.
Not only did Nowchem get a new logo design, but the strategic and creative process helped create more customer value and a greater sense of pride within the business. 

As we worked with Nowchem to deliver a consistency in message, tone and visual identity, we also created a television commercial to bring our creative idea to life in film.

Working with Wayward films to bring our creative idea to life, this 30 second advertisement showed the journey of a product from creation to distribution, whilst explaining the chemistry behind the Nowchem brand today.