The Greenhouse Huskisson is Jervis Bay's first creative coworking space for local business people or visitors to the area.

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Jervis Bay’s original co-working space expands into a spacious new home.

The Greenhouse was first opened as a small and affordable co-working space in 2018 by local communications agency, The Marketing Clan. A professional and creative environment for local business people and visitors, it provided an alternative place to work for the day, an ‘in-between-meetings’ venue or simply a place to maintain a sense of human connection instead of working in isolation from home. 

Changing times drive increasing demand.

In its first three years The Greenhouse hosted a variety of businesses, both local and visiting. Of course, 2020 and COVID changed everything – and more demand has called for more space! Now with significant trends towards working remotely and away from the big smoke in favour of regional areas, people have found they can easily work outside of the corporate walls and be more productive whilst maintaining a decent work/life balance. 

As the way we work continues to change, The Greenhouse Huskisson offers the perfect solution. People can come together to work in an inspired creative setting looking out over idyllic Jervis Bay; a dynamic place where you can share modern office amenities and, more importantly, feed off likeminded others – regardless of industry or occupation – who appreciate the rich value in collaboration rather than isolation.

Located upstairs at 64 Owen Street in Huskisson in the old yoga studio, The Greenhouse is home to The Marketing Clan, The Bay Games and now Renegade Fitness & Rehab. Not only have all three businesses seen the value of a dynamic co-working space, but have also benefitted from being able to share ideas, work together and grow their businesses in this collaborative community.  

The Greenhouse was designed as an inspirational co-working space for professionals who either worked remotely or simply wanted to be in an entrepreneurial environment. Now in a bigger space, it enables us to have more members and guests, offering more than ever for the local business community.

Limited spaces available now.

The Greenhouse has a number of rentable spaces available for daily, weekly or monthly use, as well as a purpose-built meeting room that can be booked for confidential meetings, presentations or online calls.

For more information visit the website or email hello@greenhousehuskisson.com.au  

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