The Marketing Clan

What makes us unique

The Marketing Clan is not an advertising agency in
the traditional sense. Rather, it is a gathering of like-minded and creative individuals each bringing a unique set of marketing and communication skills to the table, as and when required. Our clan is not bound by geography, over-engineered structures or extravagant overheads. 

We are driven by passion, entrepreneurial spirit and measurable commercial creativity to make a difference to brands and businesses that need support.

Each hugely experienced, the members of our clan have known and worked with each other for many years, across agencies, countries and clients both large and small. Now detached from multi-national agencies, we’re able to use our collective experience to benefit those who matter most: our clients. 

Efficient and effective  

Our clan-like structure makes us flexible, nimble and lean. It makes us infinitely more efficient and cost effective than larger organisations.

We listen. We collaborate. Then we get to your core business challenge quickly by understanding your business, your products and, most importantly, your customers.

Our approach 

Yes, we have a process. But it’s not a complicated one. Rather it’s insightful, adaptable and scalable. We know how important it is to keep things clear and simple. 

Accordingly, at the very heart of our approach is listening to what you need and then finding smart, measurable and creative ways to solve your business challenges, maximize ROI and profitable growth.

Cost-effective integrated marketing consultancy services

The Marketing Clan is able to work as a completely outsourced marketing department, or simply provide marketing services to help your business communicate more effectively to your customers. We can help you based on what your business challenge is and align everything to your short, medium and long term business objectives.

We can provide fresh thinking to your business and have as much experience in business to business marketing as we do in business to consumer marketing. We have the credentials to make a difference to your brand no matter what your industry or category.

Whilst The Marketing Clan directly provides these key services, we sometimes also work with many brilliant people in the Shoalhaven and Illawarra to help execute our ideas whether they be digital, TV or event production.

​& Insights

Do you know what your competitors are up to, or what your customers or stakeholders feel about your brand? We can help you unearth insights to help create better customer value.

Creative & Copywriting

Whether you want fresh creative concepts for a promotion, a customer presentation or you need big creative campaign ideas and art direction, we have award winning creatives in our team.


Do you have a unique brand story and what do you stand for? Is your tone of voice consistent? How are you different from your competitors? We have a strategic planning process to help get there.

Graphic Design
​& Branding

Concept design for a new brand visual identity or a revamped logo is just touching the surface of our design capability. Sales collateral design, point-of-sale material and retail merchandising are our bread and butter.


Having clarity as to what, when and where you should communicate your message to your customers, is all about smart communication planning. We can help you map it out.

Advertising & Direct Marketing

Whether you want to create brand awareness, generate leads or sales enquiries, we can develop and execute advertising and direct mail campaigns to help your brand or business stand out.