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Great news. Your business is going well. But could it be going even better? Chances are better marketing holds the key. It’s one of the biggest business advantages there is, and it’s what we do every day. If you’re interested in no-nonsense marketing that really works, let’s talk about the options over a coffee.
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The Marketing Clan is a nimble and independent marketing consultancy based in Huskisson on the NSW South Coast.

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The importance of proof points and call to action

When it comes to help persuading your customers to consider buying your product or service, have you considered the importance and the power of proof points? No matter whether you are a product or service based business it is helpful to have a proof point. Whether you can back your claim or position with a genuine proof point be it an accolade, scientific study, white paper or testimonial, it all helps someone make a purchase decision. In this episode we talk about some of these considerations with some examples. Additionally, we talk about some of the things to consider when it comes to call to action to you get your customers to do something.

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