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Great news. Your business is going well. But could it be going even better? Chances are better marketing holds the key. It’s one of the biggest business advantages there is, and it’s what we do every day as a marketing agency for small business. If you’re interested in no-nonsense marketing that really works, let’s talk about the options over a coffee.
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The Marketing Clan is a nimble and independent marketing consultancy based in Huskisson on the NSW South Coast.

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Internal Marketing – effective communication to your team.

A successful business has all its staff aligned with its strategy and a solid brand culture. But what are some of the considerations when it comes to ensuring that your team understands your brand message and how to effectively communicate it to them so they feel a part of that story? In this episode, we discuss some of the things business owners or management can do to successfully get their teams onboard to ensure consistency in message and a shared vision through internal marketing and effective communication to employees.

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