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The Challenge

Based on Sydney’s North Shore for over 15 years, Construction Matters is a successful, high-end residential and commercial building company. The Marketing Clan was approached to help the business more effectively communicate its positioning in a highly competitive market.

Our specific task was to develop a Brand Communication Strategy for Construction Matters which started with an in depth research study in order to help shape the positioning and strategy. This then led to a refreshed visual identity that reflected its place as a premium builder of choice for both architects and home owners.

Beyond this, we also needed to help cement and articulate the Construction Matters business culture – as important internally as it is externally – while, ultimately, providing a compelling suite of communication materials to deliver on the new Brand Communication Strategy.

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SERVICE, Quality,​

The Strategy

Everything about the Construction Matters business – from the culture and customer experience, to the materials, workmanship and build – had to reflect their positioning clearly and consistently in the cluttered Sydney building market. From the design of their new logo to the production of their new marketing collateral, all internal and external communications needed to reflect their brand values, tone of voice and overarching business positioning: ‘Quality measured in detail.’

The Creative

Visually updating the Construction Matters brand was a core facet of the campaign. Our design team built upon their existing two-colour identity, refreshing it with a more contemporary palette to provide greater stand out in the category. At the same time we developed a new logo device to represent the meticulous detail and the workmanship delivered by Construction Matters on every project. From architect-specific marketing materials to confidence-inspiring client brochures to an all-new corporate website, every communication touch-point now features a consistent design language and clear articulation of the Construction Matters brand.

It's made a significant
difference to
the way we do things

The Results

Since the positioning of the Construction Matters brand has been launched, the entire team has welcomed the change and it has helped strengthen the overall communication across the business as well as deliver a brand that everyone is proud to be a part of. The strategic decision to re-brand not only elevates the profile of the business with existing customers, but also provides a strong position for new business growth.

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