How to develop
a brand for the finest
online food store.

The Challenge

We were approached to develop a brand strategy for the launch of a new online retail store in food and beverages. With the growth of consumers shopping online due to COVID, there was an opportunity to create a new unique offering for shoppers of quality-tasting branded foods that were not readily available through mainstream retailers in Australia. We needed to create a name, brand identity and value proposition for this ‘emporium’ of fine quality European foods. Our role was to create a consumer facing brand through concept design, identity, copywriting and content creation that would be used across multiple touch-points starting.

Providing Australia
with Europe's finest
food brands.

The Strategy

Building on the position of sourcing fine foods from Europe and exclusively distributing them to the Australian consumer, we wanted to create a brand that could contain a wide range of food categories and brands all under one virtual roof.

The founders of this new business had a lifetime of experience and knowledge of sourcing and purchasing quality tasting products from Europe’s finest manufacturers and suppliers across Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Scotland, England and Ireland. Delicious boxed chocolates, fudge & nougats, biscuits & shortbread as well as gourmet delicacies and culinary gifts form the basis of what this new retail brand could provide. The new brand that we arrived at – Providorium – Fine Foods from Europe.


The Creative

With a name that spoke of hand-picked fine foods that had been hand selected from multiple European countries, we created a brand strategy that needed to direct the execution of the brand across.

Since Providorium consists of a range of many different brands, we needed to carefully create a look and feel as well as language that represented genuine quality and authenticity, present in all the customer experience from the moment you enter the store, to what you get when you received your delivery at home.

With the brand design created, we needed to photograph the product range in a style that was uniquely ours ensuring that the products looked irresistibly delicious in each category – from Christmas gingerbread houses, boxed chocolates to biscuits and teas, each highlighting the hero product in each collection.

TMC carefully studied our opportunities
and created a strong brand.

The Results

Providorium is brand new and was launched for Christmas 2021 and the response to the brand so far has been exceptional. The project was a great example of collaboratively working with the passionate clients at Providorium and alongside the talented web developer team at IT Basecamp. It is early days for sales results, but so far the proof will be in the pudding, the nougat, marzipan or boxed chocolates. Go see for yourself and experience Europe’s finest at Providorium.com.au

“Providorium has grown from a concept idea to establish a new food website in an already busy marketplace. The team at TMC carefully studied our opportunities and created a strong brand – Providorium was born. TMC were very inviting, giving all stakeholders an opportunity to have their say, but they led the vision and the creative design.

Providorium is now live and being accessed by a wide range of customers. We have great products, but the team at TMC has put it all in place with the team at IT Basecamp our website developer. Hand in hand, in close partnership, we our proud to have launched Providorium to the Australian consumer.”

Thierry Scherer, General Manager Providorium.

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