When smarter

The Challenge

Rebranding a family owned and run business that was turning 40 – and getting the owner’s buy-in was challenging on many levels. We were approached by Nowchem to help re-design their brand so it better aligned with their overall strategy vision for the future. But we had to be careful. Rather than revolution, the task called for evolution. In particular, it required us to make delicate changes to the existing identity, taking Nowchem from a very industrial looking brand to a more premium and professional positioning, while always remembering there was already a lot of love and emotional connection to the original brand.

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Our process
got to the heart
of the business.

The Strategy

We developed a brand communication strategy process that really got to the heart of the business in every aspect. From the products and how they change people’s lives at home and in the workplace, to the distributors who were selling them, to the local community in which Nowchem heavily invests, and to the 60 employees who make it all happen every day. The strategy? ‘When smarter chemistry matters.’

The Creative

Executing the strategy began by creating a new visual identity. It wasn’t a dramatic departure from the original 40-year old logo, but it helped to move the Nowchem brand away from a heavy industrial look, taking it to a more contemporary, professional level. During this process, we ensured the new identity worked across the product packaging consistently, as well as vehicle livery, uniforms and sales tools. As we worked with Nowchem to deliver their new message, tone and visual identity, we also produced a TV commercial with Wayward Films to being the creative idea to life.


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Nowchem brand went up by 12% both years

The Results

As far as company pride goes, this was a great example of how a business has got behind a major shift in their marketing communication and have seen the results. Nowchem’s employees and distributors have incredible pride in the business, and over the two years we’ve worked with Nowchem, their branded product range has increased sales by 12%.

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